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ADC offers complete installation of the Mini-Bulk system. The ADC installation team works closely with your facility to determine the best location for each chemical selected. Tank and chemical pump size are based on projected daily feed rates. Chemical feed lines are then installed from the tank to the injection point.


When the Mini-Bulk system installation is complete, we train your facility's operators in all aspects of the system's operation. ADC also offers on-site safety training.


ADC's fleet of delivery trucks can deliver a variety of chemicals to a treatment plant in one stop. Deliveries can be scheduled to keep the chemicals at a preset level determined by your facility operator. Alternately, we will keep the system topped off using our chemical usage tracking system. Delivery is not where ADC's commitment to our customer ends, it's just the beginning.


ADC offers 24/7 service and support. This includes emergency delivery of chemicals or parts. Parts ordered under normal circumstances are shipped on the same day via UPS. Overnight delivery is also available if needed.

Technical Support

ADC understands that treating water and wastewater is an ever changing process. The chemical feed rates that work today might not work tomorrow. With that in mind, ADC offers technical support that includes raw and finished water analysis, jar testing and in-plant testing of chemicals. Service ADC maintains two fully stocked service and installation trucks. In addition to the service vehicles, all ADC delivery trucks keep a small inventory of commonly used parts on board. All ADC drivers are trained to make repairs to pumps and feed systems.

American Development Corporation has been in business since 1996. We currently serve over 500 water and wastewater treatment facilities inthe United States and in Canada, delivering on our commitment to provide customers a premier service relationship through innovative approaches, system solutions and chemicals in any quantity, from one gallon to a tanker load